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The Event & Hunt Forever Planners

This event is super cool, if you’re a techie and geek world, do not hesitate to go. They will find very many super-interesting and cool stuff.

Sponsored By: Rose & Thorn, *AS, Nekotron & DB Poses.

A mixture of games and technology that if you’re a geek you’ll love.

The sim is amazing, is based on a very popular game. Really just need the sound and transports you to explore it from start to finish.

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You can Visit Our Flickr for a Little Preview Items


Our company will cover this event in advertising on our blog soon find the exact landmarks of each store, so speed up your journey.

This Show Open At Noon SL Hour

Landmark For each Store:

Sponsor Store:

56- Rose & Thorn


58-DB Poses


1- AppleMesh

2-c*C*c Store



5- :…

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