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Dear Followers
We hope you had a good time at the holidays.

May this new year that began be of many new events together and blessings in their homes.
Thank you for staying at our blog.

Our absence was due to the great offer of events that they had last year. While we were working on our new logo and new proposal.

We know the responsibility of each designer when it comes to assuming an event, so our team decided to return this new year with a new concept that soon we will send the invitation to each one of you.

We want to thank every designer who has been waiting for our performance. Thanks for taking a minute of your time and sending us both but so many good comments and suggestion.

This will be our new logo


And here is a sample of what will be our new event

Copia de ohcrab!$10 (1)

Soon our team send the invited and all info about this awesome event with planned for all .