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Boho is a kind of lifestyle followed. What started as a counterculture, has recently become a furious fashion culture. From being rejected to being embraced by the holy triage of luxury: many brands, walk the fine line between Haut`e couture and comfort. This event has demonstrated the evolution of a sub culture through a metaverse. As every Fashion festival always changes and evolves, the bohemian culture of fashion will be seen through each of the designers with its particular sense to understand its evolution, its style statement and a detailed critique that has been inspired by the culture bohemian fashion. ! !

Bohemian (bəʊhiːmɪən)! noun – a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts

Store Allowed: All Brand Make Bohemian Items ( Shape, Clothes, Hair, Nails, Furniture, Home, Interior Designer, Poses, Animations & Much More)

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