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Hi Dear Reader Designer & Blogger!


Thirve Event


Artists and designers have always been attracted, communication and inspired by the natural world. In recent years the creative minds have begun to look to nature to find design solutions functional and beautifully designed the organic world.

     Even those who like to draw inspiration from Mother Nature have created a design philosophy, it is the Biomimicry, based on the concept that nature is wise, making this design style quite a trend that pointed to the shapes of the trees , the use of green and open and natural spaces.

Theme: You have total creative freedom to represent their inspired designs in nature, flower & Wood.
We are currently working on a Thrive event for our November  Round in Second life.
We are looking for original content designers wishing to participate in an event Gacha.
Fee: Flat rate 3500 L$
Why Do you get?
2 Gacha & 25 Prims
If you want additional machines it will be 1000 per machine.
Limit Gacha: 3 Per Store
This Fee Cover (Signs, website, and advertising in the events section of the destination second life guide.)


1- All Ítems In this Fair Need be New- we will reject any items that you already have for sale at your store, The more original your items the more you will sell, if it is something already out there people will skip it.
2- Pull Price: 25, 50, 75 & 95 Limit.
3-Your Blogger Pack Need Be send via Group- including at least two common objects and one rare.
4- You Need Send you vendor Poster November 5.2016  by this date or no guarantee your items will be on the website
5-Date: 11/12/2016- The Sim Open For Designer Set up
6-Date: 11/17/2016 The Sim Open For the Blogger make capture and post.
7- The size of your space and Gatcha will be provided by our team.
8- All Exclusive For this Fair Need Be set In the Gacha Machine.You Can Used Your 25 Prims For decor or exhibit some other items you want to sell, this does not necessarily have to be new but if you must be in keeping with the theme of the fair
9- House designers and structures will be able to have a space in the area of demos for rezz your models.
10- Store Allowed: Skin, Poses, Furniture, Outside Decor, Clothes, Shoes & Accesories


Applications Forms Designer- Touch Here

Blogger Need Be send your request to Natalie86 Rembranch Via NC.

Inworld. Send your blog link

Name Inworld & Feed.